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Canadian Women Postcard

Canadian Women Postcard


A collage of Canadian Women who were pioneers in their field, who marked our history by their presence.

Laura Secord (1775-1868): Heroine
E. Pauline Johnson (1861-1913): Poet
Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942): Author
Nellie McClung (1873-1951): Author, Politician and Social Activist
Germaine Guèvremont (1893-1968): Writer
Idola Saint-Jean (1879-1945): Journalist, Educator and Feminist
Viola Irene Davis Desmond (1914-1965): Civil & Women's Rights Activist and Businesswoman
Fay Wray (1907-2004): Actress
Thérèse Casgrain (1896-1981): Feminist, Reformer, Politician and Senator
Kay Livingston (1919-1975): Social Activist, Actor and Broadcaster
M. Vera Peters (1911-1993): Oncologist and Clinical Investigator
Elsie MacGill (1905-1980): World's First Woman to earn an Aeronautical Engineering degree and was the first woman in Canada to receive a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering
Rosemary Brown (1930-2003): Politician
Margaret Atwood (1939-): Poet, Novelist, Literary Critic, Essayist, Teacher, Environmental Activist and Inventor
Alice Munro (1931-): Short Story Writer
Marie-Anne Day Walker-Pelletier (1954-): Chief of the Okanese First Nation. Since becoming chief in 1981 she is the longest-serving female chief in Saskatchewan.
Jeanne Sauvé (1922-1993): Politician and Journalist who served as Governor General of Canada

Printed on premium quality stock (16 pt), 4 x 6, glossy front, with colored back.

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